Thursday, May 9, 2013

TDK MP-100 Headphones Review

So I got my hands on these new headphones the TDK MP-100 "Around-Ear Headphones". Unlike the PR person who was explaining the TDK brand, I am actually old enough to remember using TDK cassette tapes. These were the tapes you wanted if you had the money for them. They were the bomb! So I was a little curious to see if their old school high quality audio translated to quality headphones.

Here's my little mini review:

  • I like how the jack is turned at an angle. This is immensely helpful.
  • The cable is a little thin, but doesn't affect the sound. I'm just used to more insulation/fatter cables.
  • The foam earpads are comfortable and the leather (faux leather?) that wraps them is pretty luxurious at this price point. They didn't fit my large, weird-shaped ears, so if you have large, weird-shaped ears too, beware!
  • On the plus side, the size is nice and compact.

  • They're called "Around-Ear" headphones, but I believe they're open back headphones that are made to look like closed back ones. The literature is scant, so I can't confirm this. 
  • Of course, sound is what matters most and what you get here is a mixed bag. It was okay for some stuff, disappointing in others. 
  • It's ideal for stuff like gaming and movies. A little less ideal for pop and rock music. 
  • Bassheads should know that you won't get driving bass.
  • All in all, good performance given the price tag. It's only around a thousand bucks!
  • That makes it a steal for people who don't have around-ear headphones. Sort of a no-brainer. Just buy them. Don't think too much about it. It's just a thousand bucks! 
  • As with any pair of headphones with larger drivers, they will clobber your el cheapo earbud-style headphones. Just don't compare them to Grados or Audio Technicas. I only mention this unfair comparison because the box says the MP-100s are "enthusiast" level, which is a stretch, if you ask me.
  • The performance you'll get is similar to Philips headphones that are maybe even a little more expensive. And I prefer the sound pumped out by these TDKs over the generic Philips ones. So a decent pair of headphones, pound for pound.

Third World Nerd Verdict: Better than other budget headphones out there. Fights above its weight class.


karlo gallo said...

I own one of these and I'd have to say it's pretty disappointing that the bass just isn't there. Of course it is a good pair and it actually sounds nice for classical music, games, and movies, but with rock, reggae, hiphop, and jazz everything just sounds so compressed. I have an on-ear pair that i got from CD-R King three years ago and it's surprisingly bass-driven and sturdy. I would say that the mp-100 might have been designed to be finely balanced accoustically and so the bass enhancement had to be sacrificed for a more accurate rendering of sound; but IMO the cd-r king one sounds far superior to the mp-100 because of the range it can accomodate. I use both alternately in my job as a voice transcript editor, so that's actually an 8-hour six-day routine not to mention sound-tripping on commute and while working. Great review by the way. This is a good start because very few people review the mp-100. Just please try not to use the word "buck" to refer to our peso. It was actually quite a shock for me to read that you got one for a "thousand bucks" because what popped in my mind was a thousand dollars US. Until I figured that I indeed got my mp-100 at Ansons beside Landmark for around Php1100. So yeah.

The Third World Nerd said...

I use "bucks" to mean pesos all the time! Oh no! I like your review too

jeremie said...

Wow, 1000 pesos is quite a lot. I bought mine in Singapore for ~19USD. I've also seen some reviews on Amazon that say they cost 24USD in Australia. I would not pay more than that for these headphones! That said, the sound quality is very good for this price, but my 100USD headphones sound much better. However, they are very well built and comfortable: I've been throwing them in my backpack for a year now and still work perfectly.