Monday, May 6, 2013

Panasonic Lumix (Like a) G6

I admit I'm a little confused with Panasonic's recently announced new Micro Four Thirds camera, the G6. It's supposed to fit right between the now made-for-enthusiasts GF series and the professional-videographer-wannabe GH series. With the GH series getting more SLR-like and bigger, the thinking is it's supposed to appeal more to pros, while the G series is for more serious still photographers who don't need pro-spec video. That said, I have no idea who would actually buy a G6 in the real world when all the action is in the GH series and its stellar video superpowers. While I'm complaining, let me gripe about why Panasonic had to dumb down the GF series. The GF1 was pretty sweet, then the GF3 (which I do own) and every GF camera since has been clumsy and cutesy. Panasonic never needed the G series. It's like the old GF series just made uglier/ergonomic-er. Oh well, at least the GF series is cheap. Anyhoo, this is about the G6...

On the positive side of things, the G6 does look like it has some neat improvements under the hood. Not a whole lot, but it's something.
• The G6 now has the GH2 sensor but no multi-aspect ratio. Not sure if Panasonic just crippled it on purpose to differentiate the G6 from the GH3. Someone should hack it, haha.
• It's got NFC and Wi-Fi. Welcome to modern times.
• A new OLED built-in viewfinder. Ha! The rumored E-P5 doesn't have one of those.

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