Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shell Journeys: A photographic journey to Tagaytay

We were approached by Shell the other week to take part in Shell Journeys, which is basically an excuse to go on a road trip and try out their new gasoline formula. We jumped at the chance of course. I brought the camera too so I could flex my photographic muscles. Tons of Olympus E-P3 photos after the jump, plus a mini-review of Shell V-Power Nitro+ Racing.

Started the whole journey by gassing up. This isn't our station though. It was just one of many that we passed on our way to Tagaytay.

South Super Traffic! (We forgot to take the camera out until we reached Tagaytay, so this is actually a photo of us on our way back.) I was dying to see what this Racing gasoline could do. Shell says that it's a formula that is very close (99%!) to what they actually use in Formula 1.

1. Waddayaknow. There's actually a difference. I wish I could be more scientific about this, but I'm not a motoring writer. I'm not even a car lover. All I have to go on are my impressions and experience. But I am behind the wheel often. Does that count?
2. It sounds different. This was basically my first time to try Shell's V-Power Nitro+ Racing formula, and the first thing I noticed was that my car sounded different. It kinda growled. I am not sure if I was imagining this.
3. It's, um, faster. My car is an econo-car that struggles when you push it over 100. (I am also not a fast driver.) Load it with my family (my wife and two boys) and luggage for the weekend, and I wasn't expecting to go very fast. To my surprise, I was going 110-120 on the stretches of SLEX where there was no traffic without much trouble. It usually took a lot more doing to get to those speeds in my little car. This time it felt more effortless.
4. More responsive when overtaking. Once you start going up the hills, you'll have to do some overtaking of trucks, tricycles and slow cars. This used to be a little tricky in my econo-car. You had to overdrive it if you didn't want to die by oncoming traffic. But this time, a simple shift down gave me plenty of power to overtake, and there was no annoying lag to when you would actually feel that power, which sometimes happens in my car when you're going uphill... so yeah, cool gas.

We finally made it to Tagaytay. This is the view from our hotel, Summit Ridge. That's the volcano just underneath the line of trees beside Josephine.

The baby boy gets settled in the crib in our room.

Tagaytay's Sky Eye. I didn't know there was an amusement park in Tagaytay, but apparently, one sprouted up right beside Taal Vista Lodge. We were drawn to the giant ferris wheel.

Wow, the Tagaytay view sure is changing. Shot from the very top of the Sky Eye.

Another look at the Sky Eye, around sunset.

The carousel. I ran out of batteries soon after this shot, and I didn't bring a spare. Noooooooooo!

My wife, my boys, my brother-in-law, Ted, and his wife, Rose.

The kids always wake us up at the crack of dawn. This is the lake at 7am. It was pretty cold when we were up in Tagaytay. Loved the weather.

Brought the kids to Residence Inn to see the tigers. I was really surprised to see that the place has improved so much since the last time I was there (ages ago). It doesn't smell so bad anymore. And the animals have more space. And there's new stuff, like reptiles and bugs.

I got a real kick out of shooting the bugs. All shot with Olympus 45mm lens.

My favorite shot of the whole trip.

The lions scared my eldest boy, Vito. They scared me too, haha!

Family picture! Vito wanted to go home at this point. ("No lion! No tiger!")

Lunch at Breakfast at Antonio's. What?

The food at Breakfast at Antonio's is excellent. It has all the good stuff you expect from Antonio's except applied to breakfast. Frances and I are big fans of breakfast, so you can call us breakfast connoisseurs. I ordered a bacon dish with a Stone Pale Ale (their suggested beverage). Good stuff. The burger was good too.

All in all, a divine little vacation. A smooth drive, good food, great company. Must go on another roadtrip soon!


dementedchris said...

That was a great weekend, Vince! Makes me wish I could head to Tagaytay soon. :)

verabear said...

I want a Tagaytay weekend too! Didn't know that amusement park was already functional, it looked unfinished when we passed by it in Feb (en route to ParadiZoo, no tigers there!)

The Third World Nerd said...

The amusement park is actually still unfinished. There's construction here and there. Maybe in a few months. Yeah, in retrospect, we should have gone to Paradizoo, hehe.

Frances said...

Was that your favorite shot because of how the photo turned out or because I was there? =D


The Third World Nerd said...

Frances, because you were there! ;)