Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I want to be that dork wearing Google Glass

Waddayaknow, I'm suddenly convinced that Google Glass is the future. I'll admit that the first time  Google hit the Internet with announcements, I wasn't paying much attention. I shrugged it off as just another experimental wearable computer. And one look at the thing would have had anyone running for the hills. Google Glass is ugly. It needs help. But now, with the latest video that's going around, I get it. I can see how awesome Glass will be if Google can get it to work as promised. In fact, I'm so convinced that I don't mind how ugly it looks. 

In case you missed it, here's the video.

I want to be that guy. You know, the dork wearing Google Glass. I want one of these things now. Let me count the reasons why…

OK Glass, take a picture
That's all you have to say to take a picture. Before I ever bought a camera and got into photography, I always thought it would be pretty neat to take pictures from my eyeball. That was always the dream for me: to turn whatever I was seeing into a photograph. I didn't want to reach into a bag and pull out a humongous camera. Even the camera in my phone was just too much trouble. I wanted to be able to take photos in the blink of an eye, and turn my vision into a picture. And now I can.

This is huge for me. And yes, I know, quality will be inferior to an SLR. But this changes everything. It changes how you take photos. It changes photography. 

OK Glass, record a video
Ditto for video. Since I became a father, video has become important to me. I wish I had a camera recording every moment with my kids. Because it all passes by so fast. Having the ability to record those special moments immediately is priceless.

OK Glass, give me directions to...
Glass will also be able to give you a heads-up display of Google Maps and turn-by-turn directions into your ear. Video games just became real. Life is now Grand Theft Auto with that mini-map floating in the top corner of your vision.

OK Glass, google this
I google everything. Of course I can do that on my phone, but I have to take out my phone first. Again, Glass makes everything more immediate. With Glass, you can settle those pesky questions much faster. You just have to ask the question aloud. We're living in the future!

If the voice recognition works well, this could usher in a whole new world of talking to computers.

There's a lot more that's possible, but these four things are, for me, the killer apps of Google Glass. Gadgets are lucky to have even one killer app. There's four right there.

"But it's hideous!" you say. And yes, it's that. Let's hope Google can solve that problem before Glass' 2014 release (rumored late 2013). And let's also hope it's cheaper than the developer version, which is a wallet-abusing $1,500. Whatever happens between now and launch date, I'm convinced. So even if it's ugly, I hope to get one. Yeah, I'll be one of those dorks.

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