Friday, March 29, 2013

Dear Microsoft, a rant

Dear Microsoft,

Unlike most of the world, I wanted Windows 8. I had just built a computer piece by piece and I wanted your latest OS instead of Windows 7. I bought the parts from different vendors, so I didn't get Windows 8 bundled with my PC. I needed to buy it separately. And I couldn't buy it. It turned out to be impossible to buy for weeks after the Windows 8 launch. All I wanted was for you to take my money and give me my OS.

At the time, you had just launched Windows 8  (yes, this post is a little late)  and you were offering only an "upgrade" version. I don't own a Windows PC, so I had no OS to upgrade. I needed the System Builder version, which you said you would be selling a month later, and only in retail, not online.

This was probably a sound business decision. I won't pretend to know your business better than you do. But here are my complaints as a customer:

1. Even though "system builders" are a rare breed nowadays -- and a system builder who doesn't own a previous copy of Windows is rarer still -- you completely left us out in the cold during your launch of Windows 8. I needed a copy of Windows 8 System Builder and you weren't selling.

2. When you finally were selling that version a month later, you weren't selling it as a download. It's 2013. I believe we should be able to buy it as a digital download. You do it for the Windows 8 upgrade version. I expect to be able to do the same with the System Builder version.

3. When you finally were selling it in retail, supply was lousy. It was out of stock in the stores I went to for weeks. (And I am taking their word for it, having no way to find out if they ever were in stock to begin with.) I gave up after a few weeks and finally got a copy a month or two later. And every store I went to had no idea what I was asking for. I might as well have been asking to buy a pint of unicorn blood. 

4. You only sell Windows 8 System Builder on disc. It's 2013. I don't have to tell you that discs are on the way out. I am aware there is a way to transfer the installer onto a USB stick, but for that I would need a PC running Windows with a disc drive. I had neither obviously. That's why I needed a system builder disc! So instead I was forced to buy a DVD drive. It's just P900, but it was unnecessary to buy a piece of hardware that will see little use for the sole purpose of installing Windows. Apple gives you the option to buy OS X on a USB stick. Why can't you?

If there was a simpler way to do this, Microsoft, please do tell. I believe I researched everything properly though. I am just deeply disappointed with how things turned out. Windows 8 turned out to be not so bad (review coming up!), but I had to go through hoops just to buy it. One last word of advice, Microsoft: when someone wants to buy a product of yours, make it easy for them, okay? Rant over.

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Mia scarlet said...

hi vince, there is an iso file for it, and the installer gives you an option to create a bootable disc,.