Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rappler for iOS

I'm becoming more and more impressed with Rappler, the news site spearheaded by Maria Ressa. Rappler is doing a solid job on how news should be presented in the post-newspaper era. And now they have an iOS app.

I'm an old dinosaur who used to work in print, so whenever I see someone releasing a magazine on the iPad, a spark of hope burns briefly in my mind. (Maybe print can transform itself, survive and thrive!) Such efforts soon flop or are forgotten because of course, the app is only half the story. You want tight social media integration because you want the debate and discussion on each story to thrive online. You want real-time alerts. You want everything to be customizable. And back to social media, you want it all to be shareable. You want the discussion to take the Internet by storm. 

This isn't a review, but so far, the Rappler iOS app ticks many of the boxes that I mentioned. I wish there were an iPad app, but for now, the iPhone version will have to do. Head on over to the app store if you want it.

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