Monday, February 18, 2013

PS4 incoming! What we know so far...

Sony's announcing something big this February 20. It's confirmed to be about PlayStation, so the rumor mill has been churning. By now, it's almost sure that the announcement will be about the PS4, or whatever the name of Sony's next console will be. Here's what we know so far, based on leaks and rumors:

New controller
If the leaked pictures are to be believed, there's a new controller with a touchpad in the middle. So it should work like a PS Vita.

Streaming service
Rumors also say that there will be a streaming service that will let you play PS3 games. If it's true, I have to say, that's brilliant. It would make the PS4 backwards-compatible without cramming the old PS3 hardware inside the console and keeping costs down. (The launch PS3 actually had a PS2 inside, though later on, they managed to play PS2 games with emulation. And then even later, they just dropped the backwards compatibility altogether.)

I love the idea of streaming games and cloud computing, but on the downside, such a service probably wouldn't be available in my part of the world, at least not on launch day. You'll also need servers in the neighbourhood to avoid lag.

More powerful hardware
Even though streaming has been rumored, PS4 hardware is said to be vastly improved over the PS3. About bloody time they got an upgrade.

Let's not forget that the codename of the PS4 is "Orbis." It doesn't take a genius to speculate that the PS4 has something to do with the PS Eye, making it more like Microsoft's Kinect.

Basically that's all we know so far. Find out more on February 20! (Or 21-ish since we're a day ahead.)

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