Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stuff to watch out for in 2013

What a great year for tech. Things are kind of slow right now, but the rest of the year looks like it will be off the charts. Here's the news that has me interested this year.

PS4/Xbox 720
Rumors abound that these consoles will be announced sometime this year. Some even say that the Sony PS4 announcement is imminent.

No comment as to the timing of the PS4 announcement. But definitely an announcement (not necessarily a release) has to happen in 2013 for both Sony and Microsoft – or the PC will rule the next generation.

Ni No Kuni
Studio Ghibli + Japanese RPG = sublime. I am buying this PS3 exclusive on day one because I am a big fan of Japanese RPGs and a bigger fan of Studio Ghibli.

Sim City
It looks like the new Sim City adds all kinds of new systems to the city builder that everyone loves. There's also some kind of crazy multiplayer going on where you can trade with other people's cities.

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm
I've always been a Zerg player, so the second instalment of this game is mandatory for me. I was disappointed that the Zerg felt weak in Wings of Liberty. This could bring me back to the game.

New Olympus camera
Does no one have any secrets anymore? According to, Olympus is going to release a new micro four thirds camera in around a month. It will have a built-in viewfinder and will take its inspiration from vintage Olympus cameras. I passed on the OM-D for a number of reasons. Could this camera tempt me into buying a new camera body?

Metabones Speed Booster
Whut? A lens adapter made it to this list? Believe it or not, this little piece of plastic and glass has photographers excited. It promises to let you use Full Frame lenses on cameras with smaller sensors and decrease the size of the image circle, which will give you two benefits. The first benefit is your crop factor multiplier will be smaller. The second benefit is the lens becomes one stop faster. Make one for M43, Metabones, and I'll buy one if the price isn't too ridiculous. I have some lenses that are dying for this.

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