Monday, January 28, 2013

Razer Abyssus Review

I finally did it! I bought a Razer mouse. I am now officially one of "those guys." You know, the guys with the bright lights inside their computer. Those guys who use words like "frag" and say "GG." You know, gamerz. Those dudes who own a Razer mouse because it makes them deadlier in online games. You know what the funny thing is? I think everyone should buy one of these mice. Razer is the Rolls Royce of mice.

Of course, this mouse is part of my transition to PC gaming, which you may have noticed in this blog. For years, I've been using a Logitech Bluetooth travel mouse. But anyone who knows anything about gaming knows that wireless mice have lag, so a wired mouse is a must if you take your games seriously. I never noticed the lag until I bought a faster computer. At the same time, I was also having Bluetooth issues with my hackintosh, so I decided to get a wired mouse.

Entry-level Rolls Royce
I chose the Razer Abyssus. It's one of Razer's simpler models, and it was made for both lefties and righties. I write with my left hand, but I do everything else with my right. Even then, sometimes I switch. I'm confused that way, so I got an ambidextrous mouse. Like I said, the Abyssus is a simple model. There's no lasers; it's just infrared. There are no customizable buttons either. It's P1,995 at Datablitz – expensive for a mouse, but cheap for a Razer mouse.

The experience
Aside from the glowing logo, this is a really understated mouse. It doesn't look like an alien spaceship and it's not littered with buttons. It's not a small mouse either, which is a good thing. My old travel mouse gives my fingers cramps if I do photo editing for a long time. The Abyssus isn't an ergonomic mouse either (impossible because it's ambidextrous), but the size helps. The scroll wheel is slow and clicky, but that's the only downside I can think of. It's the perfect mouse for me.

If you've never used a Razer mouse before, be prepared for a shock. The experience of using one versus the mouse you're using right now is like night and day. It's fast, precise, and everything feels buttery smooth. This is how a mouse should perform. That simple.

The hardware
There's no setup or software required. No drivers needed. In fact, downloading the software, which I did, is a waste of time because the Abyssus doesn't support cloud sync of your mouse settings. All the whizbang tech of the Abyssus comes in the mouse, and it's hardware-based. There are two switches, one to select 125 or 1000Hz, the other one to select between 450, 1800 or 3500 dpi. Hardware buttons are better than software buttons because you'll never have compatibility issues.

Crank everything up, and it feels like your brain isn't running fast enough to keep up. Seriously. I can't use my old mouse now. It feels like I'm moving underwater.

Third World Nerd Verdict
Considering the number of hours we all spend in front of computers nowadays, it just makes sense to use the best mouse possible. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone, even if they're not gamers. You get used to the funky glowing lights. You get spoiled by the performance.


Jenny Austria said...

i want this mouse but the price is O_O and when im in game i click the mouse like there is no tomorrow~ geesh definitely gonna save up now.

The Third World Nerd said...

It took me years to buy one! My first experience with Razer was when I reviewed their Mamba for a magazine. I told myself I would buy a Razer one day. It took a while, but I think it's worth it. :)