Monday, January 14, 2013

Nerd Finds: CD-R King junk

Babaw thrill of the day: I was looking for a built-in card reader for my blackintosh, and I found one in CD-R King that was actually more awesome than what I was hunting for. This one has a built-in drive bay where you can  slot in 2.5-inch hard drives without cracking open the case. No more need for external hard drive enclosures, and it's hot-swappable. You don't even need to reboot. If you've got a lot of old 2.5-inch hard drives lying around, this is really useful! The cost? P990.

1 comment:

carlos said...

AWESOME!!! Of course, I don't have any spare 2.5-inch hard drives, let alone a PC desktop I can mess around with but this is really cool. CDR-King ROCKS!