Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fun with long exposure

I learned something new about photography the other day, and it was like a door opened in my brain. My new knowledge allowed me to take this odd photo above. No Photoshop and no multiple exposure. Let me tell you how I did it.

This photo was taken with one long exposure. It was something like two seconds long, and the camera was handheld. In my other hand, I had a flash and I was pressing it like crazy. Every time the flash fired, it left an image of the kid on the exposure. He was running around on the bed. A happy day.

Here's another one. I only pressed the flash once this time, and then I moved the camera  towards the little one. So everything blurred. But the moment the flash fired is sharp. I like the effect.

I got the idea from Digital Rev TV. They made an episode about long exposure, and you can watch the episode here. They're kengkoy, but it's very educational. Enjoy, all you photographers out there.

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