Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CES is happening right now: crazy gadgets everywhere!

It's the yearly Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas: NERDVANA! Past years have been a little disappointing, but 2013 is getting off to a stellar start. We've got the usual parade of tablets, but we also have lots of weird new cameras, and surprise surprise, gaming consoles. Here are my early picks.

Looks just like the X100! The S makes all the difference? Hmmm.

Fujifilm X100S

I'm not sure this camera needed an upgrade, but what the heck, its predecessor was really popular. And popular means you can sell a sequel. At any rate, this is good news for me because it means that X100 owners will be selling their cameras on ebay. The X100 is now going for 34K on ebay (brand new). Or you can get the new version for $1,299, available for preorder on Amazon.

The X100S promises more of what made the X100 great: a beautiful 35mm lens fixed to an APS-C sized sensor that uses no AA filter for more detailed pics.

Looks like an old portable DVD player!

Nvidia Shield

I didn't think I'd be seeing any game consoles at CES this year, but I was dead wrong. Nvidia is getting into the gaming console biz with this bad boy. Right now, we don't much about it except it runs Android, and it has Nvidia hardware inside, naturally.

It looks like they're going to give the Ouya, that Android-running Kickstarter game console, a run for its money.

Steam PC

Industry watchers say that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have waited/are still waiting too long to release new consoles. Indeed, there's no whiff of the Xbox 720 or Sony PS4. But Valve, longtime champion of gaming on the PC, isn't sitting on its hands. It's now releasing, not just a gaming PC of its own, but an entire ecosystem of PC's with gaming PC's from various PC makers that will live beside your living room TV. Still waiting for more details on this juicy piece of news.

Canon N

Here's an interesting concept. A cutesy modern compact camera that can send over pics to your phone for tweeting and butchering with Instagram. You'll want one if your phone's camera sucks. (And yes, it does.)

Polaroid Android

No shortage of weird cameras in CES this year. This one, the iM1836, puts Android in an interchangeable lens camera. That's a fascinating idea on its own, letting you share and edit photos straight from the camera, but we've no idea if the camera is actually any good. The camera does accept Micro Four Thirds lenses with an adaptor, so that's good news.

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