Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nerd Finds: Christmas edition

Look! It's a fake PS Vita. Just for giggles.

It's that time of the year, and while every tech site is writing about their must-have gadgets of the Season, I'm going for those cute, and cheap gifts that will win over the heart of any nerd. Here's where to go shopping.

Switch Nation

Stumbled upon this store in Shoppesville, away from the madness that is the Greenhills tiangge. There are plenty of hipster-friendly tees as well as (probably unlicensed) rock and roll t-shirts. What caught my eye though were these shirts of vintage gadgets. There are phonographs and Polaroid cameras, everything a nerd would love.

Electromagnetic Tentacle

This oddly named store is like Threadless with a Pinoy twist. It's hard to explain. Just take a look at these shirt designs instead:

Cobra Kummander, get it?

These guys look familiar

It's the Main Man!

You can buy from their online store. They're supposed to have a store in Shoppesville Plus, but I couldn't find it. But I get lost easily.

Robo-fish from Toy Kingdom

I don't know what this fish is called because I threw away the box. But trust me, it's pretty awesome. The fish has pressure sensors all over its waterproof body, so when you drop it in the water, it starts to swim. It does a good impression of a real fish, swimming at different intensities around any body of water (a small bathtub in our case). Buoyancy can be adjusted by adding weight to the robo-fish, but otherwise, you don't have to mess around with it much. Just drop it in the water and have some fun. The only downside is it's expensive. You can get it at Toy Kingdom for P599. My fish wants friends.


You think SM has got it all? Wrong. They don't have these amazing finds which you can get from Amazon.

Light: Science and Magic is a book that many photographers swear by. Check out the reviews on Amazon and you'll see that everyone gave it 5 stars. A must-have for photographers or photographer wannabes.

Rinzler's The Making of the Empire Strikes Back is THE definitive making of Star Wars book. I chose this one because Empire is the best Star Wars movie, of course. I saw a copy of this in Fully Booked once.

I used to have a print of this scene by Ralph McQuarrie on my wall when I was a young nerd. It's the original concept art of the Luke vs Dark Vader scene in Empire Strikes Back. Kotobukiya made it into a sculpture. It's made of 100% awesome.

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