Friday, December 7, 2012

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5: SMART vs Globe

Well that took longer than expected, but the prices are finally out and you can snag an iPhone 5 before Christmas, December 14 if you're lucky. SMART and Globe have announced their pricing. Here goes:

Here's SMART:

And here's Globe:

Obviously, this is a little like comparing apples and oranges because each plan comes bundled with slightly different offers. To even things out a little, I'll be comparing Plan 999 and Plan 1799. These look the most attractive to me, and as I've said before, I am against paying a lot for my phone plans. I think it's a lousy way to spend money.

As for the breakdown of the Globe plans, it all depends on what options you choose because the plans are fully customizable. Think of it as consummable for the face amount of the plan. To create a plan of your own, go to their site, and register for an iPhone 5 (you don't have to commit to buy).

If you're buying the phone outright on a prepaid plan, SMART is the clear winner.

Also, just as an aside, SMART is much better at presenting plans, giving you all the info you need while Globe has so much more cheche bureche going on. And I hate their confusing customizable plans! It looks like Globe is cheaper at this level though. 

                  Text   Minutes     Data       Cashout               Total cost over 2 yrs
SMART 999  100     40            Unli       999 for 24 months       47,952
Globe 999    ???     ???           ???       800 for 24 months*     43,176

*based on 19,200 (0% 24 months available)

SMART 1800 Unli    Unli          Unli        12,300                       55,500
Globe 1799   ???    ???           ???        4,800**                     47,976

** 0% installment available

Globe plans come with 4 months of gadget insurance, free 1 year subscription to GCASH AMEX virtual card (which I think is awesome and I wrote about it here), and more. Just check out the Globe iPhone 5 page. Or check out SMART's.

Yugatech did an analysis at 2499, which is the price you start getting the iPhone 5 for FREE.

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