Tuesday, December 11, 2012

iPad 1: The Resurrection

It's alive! Thanks to a little Greenhills magic, my broken iPad is once again in perfect working order, tweeting, shooting angry birds, and running in temples. Total cost was P3,000 for a replacement battery. The act of opening the old iPad introduced a couple of new scratches, but all in all, I have to say that I was very happy with the whole experience. Plus I feel like I'm giving Apple's philosophy of non-user-replaceable batteries and forced obsolescence a big "Up yours!"

One of the most common questions I am asked by friends and family is: "Do you know where I can have my iPad fixed?" My reply is always the same. If it's a software problem, you can fix it yourself. If it's a hardware problem, first try to have your local Apple seller replace your iPad with a new one, hopefully for free. If you can't swing that, head on over to Greenhills.

When my own iPad 1 finally broke down just before the release of the iPad 4 a few months ago, I bought a new iPad because it was about time for a replacement. But I couldn't shake off the niggling thought that the iPad 1 was still salvageable. It took me a while to get around to it though. My research told me that a new battery could set things right, but it was by no means guaranteed.

The symptoms:
The Apple logo would flash on and off when the iPad was plugged in, but otherwise, the device was bricked. A Mac could see the iPad if you put it in recovery mode, but a factory reset or any kind of syncing would result in an error.

The fix:
It did indeed need a new battery. After the repair guy ruled out the software, he decided to go for a new battery.

The store:
We bumped into the iPad fixer guy in PC Gilmore in V-Mall, but since they didn't have a battery on hand, they introduced us to another store in Theater Mall.

I love the name of this store!

The replacement part:
I was told that the battery was new, but I have no way of verifying this. It didn't come in a box. So far, it looks good though. The battery is holding a charge pretty well, just like you'd expect from a new battery.

The new battery.

The price:
The repairs cost P3,000. I read online that battery replacement cost P4,000 so I was pretty happy with this price. On sulit.com.ph, I saw an iPad battery going for P1,400. I think the price they charged me was pretty fair. I simply don't have the patience to open up my iPad. Some years ago, I replaced the battery of my iPod. It was a bitch. I will gladly pay someone to operate on my iDevices for me.

The surgery:
It is not easy opening an iPad 1. (It is even harder to open an iPad 2, 3 or 4.) Waiting for the battery to arrive and operating on the iPad took around an hour. So grab a shawarma and go shopping while you wait.

It took two guys to pry open the case.

Aaaand it's open.

The iPad 1 acquired a couple of new scratches from the surgery, all of them around the screen. I don't mind the scratches because this iPad is pretty banged up already. At least it's not a paperweight anymore!

If you want the number of the repair guy, PM me or send me a tweet. I'm @vincesales.


Roxanne Santiago said...

What kind of scratches? Like hairline lang that doesn't really impair the screen/display?

The Third World Nerd said...

I'd say bigger than hairline scratches. But nothing that impairs the screen. They used a tool that's like a thin flathead screwdriver, squeezing it between the screen and the case, then pushed quite hard while pushing the screen out with another tool and removing the tabs. Sometimes these tools left marks. Aluminum is a soft metal.