Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Apps for Kids: Disney Channel Edition

My toddler is a Disney Channel/Disney Junior junkie. So I loaded up my iPad with apps based on the TV shows that he watches. I really should stop calling it my iPad. The kid has taken it over, haha! This post is for you, moms and dads.

Poke Pororo and he farts. No joke.

Talking Pororo

What you get: Talking Pororo, opening and ending videos, short video clips

When you open the app, you're greeted by a talking Pororo. Say something, anything, and he'll parrot it right back at you. This alone will entertain your kid for minutes on end, and it's something he can always go back to.

The rest of the app, meanwhile, will annoy the hell out of you. You're given 150 free fish credits to start off with. Doing anything with the app and it will cost you fish. Make a phone call to Pororo and pay 10 fish. Watch the 5-second long videos made for the app and pay 5 fish. Watch it again and pay 5 fish more. The fish disappear alarmingly fast. Buy more fish for real money. This is evil. Just wrong. It quickly makes you feel very dirty.

Make sure to turn on your iPad Restrictions. Or your toddler might go and buy fish on his own.

Third World Nerd Verdict: It's a trap! DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you want to spend real money for nothing. Your toddler will whine and cry until you buy the Unlimited Fish option for $9.99.

Chiro's Home Free

What you get: Talking Chiro, Hide and Seek Game, Clock Game, Rhythm Game, Musical Instruments, videos

Like the Talking Pororo app, the home page has Chiro and friends parroting whatever you say to them. Unlike the Pororo app, you get a bunch of mini games for free. The musical instruments are actually well-made, and the Hide and Seek game is a lot of fun. The other games are more suited to older children. My two-year-old can't tell time. But who cares? It's free.

Third World Nerd Verdict: DOWNLOAD. This app is okay, but not very special. Kind of like what my toddler thinks of Chiro.

Toy Story

What you get: Toy Story 1 storybook, coloring book, some songs, some mini games

Probably the best thing about this app is that it's free, and it never asks you for more money. The storybook is a very short version of Toy Story, but it's well-made and peppered with interactive games, videos, and all sorts of stuff. Also, the attention to detail is pretty impressive. Small things like shaking the iPad to reset the coloring book make a big difference. This app is a winner, especially if your little one likes Toy Story.

Third World Nerd Verdict: DOWNLOAD. A polished storybook app with some neat features. A little short, but you can't complain because it's free.

Tayo Driving Game

What you get: A simple driving game and educational quiz game

This game is suited for preschool kids because it teaches you about numbers, and shapes, and it even has a multiple choice test. Every section starts off with a short driving game and then segues into a quiz game. It can get pretty monotonous and repetitive.

Third World Nerd Verdict: For Tayo fans only. This is a pretty boring app. But it is educational, I'll give it that.

Tayo Garage Game

What you get: A set of mini-games, opening video, coloring book

Unlike the Tayo Driving Game, this is an app that's a collection of mini games, like the Chiro app. You get a lot for free, so the value is great. I also love how you're made to create a driver's license for your kid. Unfortunately, this app is BUGGY as hell. It keeps crashing. There is also no suspend mode. If you exit the app, you will start again.

Third World Nerd Verdict: DOWNLOAD. Here's hoping they'll fix the bugs because this app is pretty cool. My kid loves it, and he learned a number of new skills thanks to the app's games.


Yummy Mummy said...
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Yummy Mummy said...

My son is a Disney Junior fan, too! Check out these other apps for Vito :)

- Jake and the Neverland Pirates - Pirate School
- Rock Star Mickey
- Dance Star Mickey
- Pepi Bath

Hope he likes 'em.

The Third World Nerd said...

Cool! More stuff to download. Thanks :)

Yummy Mummy said...

By the way, I so agree about the Pororo app that requires fish points. Lots of tantrums thrown by my dumpling because of his empty fish bank! It IS evil. And no, I did not give in!!!

There's another Pororo app called Pororo camera. It super imposes a Pororo mask on camera mode. My dumpling looooves it!! And it's FREE!!!!!

The Third World Nerd said...

I salute you! Because we just gave in today and bought the darn fish. The little guy was depressed na.

Roxanne Santiago said...

Jacob loves the Toy Story App! Paulit-ulit "Strange Things"! Kaso the menu bar sometimes gets stuck in the middle of the screen. Kahit ilang exit, it won't go away. Maybe it's our iPad lang. But we still love it!

joycie said...

my son loves Toy Story app too! try this letter quiz app. my son learns writing the alphabet through this. only costs me $1.99 :)