Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nerd TV: Shows you shouldn't miss… or maybe you should

It's another new season full of TV that nerds will love. Or maybe nerds like us will hate these shows because some of them aren't doing so well right now. Here are the shows that I'm watching now (plus one that I'm not watching quite yet):

Fringe Season 5

This is the final season of Fringe, so it's a little bittersweet. Sweet because they're driving the show to a definitive conclusion. Bitter because it kind of sucks right now. Olivia, Peter, Walter, Astrid and friends have given up the alternate universe for The Future, abandoning the show's usual format together with everything you loved about Fringe. It's practically a different show.

Third World Nerd Says:
I'm still hoping that something special will come out of this season, so I will continue to watch every episode with my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed. This show deserves to end with a bang.

Dexter Season 7

Everyone's favorite serial killer returns for a seventh and final season. The season begins with sister Deb discovering that Dexter is a serial killer. The Deb and Dexter confrontation/showdown have been the most awful, awkward scenes in the season so far. Cancel that, they've been the worst, most cringe-inducing scenes of the entire show. Who'd have thunk it? Did the writers go on vacation? There is some silver lining though with Rome's Titus Pullo cast as the big bad guy of the season. Chuck's Sarah Walker also has an undetermined role in the show so far. Is she a love interest? Another serial killer? Nobody knows yet.

Third World Nerd Says:
Ditto for this show. Final seasons should be awesome!

Boardwalk Empire Season 3

This show has everything: gangsters, violence, period costumes, lots of sex. This season it's seriously leveling up the sex and violence ante with violent sex and violence as a new character Rosetti brings our old friend Enoch Thompson to the brink of a gang war.

Third World Nerd Says:
It's like watching one very long, very well made gangster movie in hour-long segments.

Arrow Season 1

I love what DC Comics did with Green Arrow during my childhood, so when I saw an ad featuring this show, simply called Arrow, I was, well, nervous. It could be an awesome update. Or a superhero TV show disaster. It looks properly dark a la Batman Begins. But it's made by CW, so it might be another Smallville.

Third World Nerd Says:
I still haven't watched it! Someone tell me if it's safe to watch.

30 Rock Season 7

Final season. Yes, another one. I don't know what's going on here!

Third World Nerd Says:
Not everyone gets 30 Rock, but like many other nerds out there, I love it. 30 Rock gets weirder as it goes along, but that's what makes it so much fun.

Big Bang Theory Season 6

Howard comes back from space, Leonard and Penny go on with their strange relationship. And Sheldon is as annoying as ever. The Big Bang Theory family is also growing (again) with the guy who owns the comic store popping in regularly.

Third World Nerd Says:
These nerds are still going strong. Nerd humor FTW!

The Walking Dead Season 3

"Fight the dead. Fear the living," the poster says. And that's exactly what you get with the first few episodes of this show. This season has the gang moving into a zombie-infested prison, clearing out a cell block so they have somewhere safe to hide. But a prison to keep things out is also a prison that keeps you in. Hmmm…

Third World Nerd Says:
Season 3 is moving along at fast clip, which is a welcome change from Season 2's yawn-inducing excursion in Farmville. This season has been awesome so far. 

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