Monday, November 26, 2012

Lessons I learned from Blogopolis

Went with the wifey, Topaz Horizon/Topaz Mommy, to Blogopolis last week. We had a blast (and learned a lot too)!

Recently, I decided to take this blog a little more seriously so I went to Blogopolis, a seminar held by Nuffnang at Shangri-la Makati. They had some really fab speakers talking about marketing your blog, building your brand, as well as content creation.

It was very informative and inspiring, and it was great meeting other bloggers as well as hearing their stories and how they made it work.

Without further ado, here's some of the stuff that I learned from Blogopolis which I hope to apply to my blogging:

Abe Olandres of Yugatech, Tippy and Anthony Go of Googley Gooeys, Mike Sy Lim of Fashion Pulis, Noemi Dada of Filipina Mom Blogger, Ivan Henares of Ivan About Town, Carlo Ople of Unbox, Tin Dychiao of Manila Fashion Observer, and David Guison of

Lesson #1: Do what you love

Not really a problem for me. This is obviously a simple blog about things/tech I love. Still, it's good advice for bloggers who know they want to blog but are having trouble finding a topic to write about. Just write about what you're passionate about, write regularly, write a lot, and the people/Internet will find you.

Nuffnang head honcho, Abe Olandres

Lesson #2: Cook it fast or cook it best

I'm paraphrasing Yugatech here. I'm guilty of working on posts until they're just right. (Yes, this post is a week late.) I used to work in print, so we like to put a lot of work into editing, finding the right photos, fact checking, editing again... Blogging is a different game. Just get it out there! And if you're going to wait, make sure it's damn good.

Lesson #3: Get social

Another shortcoming of mine is that I am wary of social media. It's a function of my age. Hahaha! But nowadays bloggers don't have to worry about SEO or promoting their blog if they're active on Twitter and FB. This is music to my ears because I think SEO is 50% death to content and 50% just plain boring. Tweets and shares will do the job!

Starcomm's Liam Capati
Liam with Havas' Carlos Palma
There's lots more, but I'll leave it at that. You had to be there.

So that's it for this year. Let's hope they have another Blogopolis soon because this one was great! There were also tons of prizes for the attendees. We actually won an iPad mini, but they had to give the prize to someone else because we left early to take care of the kids. Argh!

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