Thursday, November 15, 2012

Google Nexus 4, 7, and 10 are almost upon us. It's war, Apple!

Hello Google Nexus 4, 7 and 10. Shipping for these tablets (and phone) starts oh, just the other day, Nov 13, in the US of A. In case you missed them when they were announced, here's another look. They look nice. They look powerful. And they're cheap. You hear that, Apple? This means war.

Blame Steve Jobs. He said he was willing to go thermonuclear with Google. And they did. They cut Google maps out of iOS. We all know what happened there. That didn't go too well for Apple. 

Meanwhile Google was hitting them where it hurts – their cheapo Nexus 7 was a hit. Apple's next move was to make the iPad mini, a move which analysts said shows Apple following instead of leading. (For the record, I said it too, hehe.)

Now Google is going up against the entire iOS line. It has the Nexus 10 to go up against the iPad. It has the Nexus 4 to go up against the iPhone. And of course there's the Nexus 7 which starts at an even cheaper price of $200 for the 8GB version.

Here's a look at the whole family from Engadget.

Here's a comparison of the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD and iPad mini by CNet.

If you're reading this blog, you might have heard that I bought an iPad this round, but I came awfully close to getting a Google Nexus 7. Two things stopped me:
1. I couldn't find the darn thing in stores. Distribution was spotty to nonexistent. I think Asus was a victim to its own success. They probably can't make enough of the things.

2. Price is weird. It's available online, but for a few thousand bucks more than it should be, even given that gadgets are around 20% more expensive locally. Limited availability tends to do that. I don't know about you, but when I buy a cheap tablet, I want it to be cheap.

Anyway, SMART recently announced that they will be carrying the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. Dig into that link and you'll also see that Asus announced it will be selling the 32GB Nexus 7 for P13,999. Hooray!

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