Thursday, November 8, 2012

Early iPad mini, iPad 4, and iPhone 5 local prices

These iProducts aren't available in local retail yet, but as these things go, you can get them online. Don't ask me if these prices will go down. I don't know. They usually do when the iDevices hit the usual channels (Power Mac Center, Globe) but there's really no telling. It's still early days. Prices after the jump!

Here are the shock-inducing prices for the Apple iPhone 5 from One Stop Shop:
16GB - 49,300
32GB - 50,800 (black)/51,300 (white)
64GB - 56,500

That's funny. A few days ago, the entry-level model was 45K. Yeesh!

Then there's the iPad 4 from Widget City Hub:
iPad4 (WiFi Only)
16GB 22,490
32GB 26,490
64GB 30,990

They're claiming that these prices are cheaper than iPad 3 mall SRP, which I guess is technically true since SRP is P23,990. BUT iPad 3's are on sale everywhere at P20,990 (or cheaper if cash). Just so you know.

And Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi Only) prices from One Stop Shop again:
16GB - 18,900
32GB - 23,100
64GB - 28,200

Just for fun, here's one more non-Apple gizmo. One Stop Shop also has the Canon EOS M. It's selling for P23,000 with the 22m kit lens.


Roxi Santiago said...

Ang mahal ng iPad Mini. I'd rather get the full-sized iPad if the price difference is only 2-3k.

Adeline Chong said...

Hi Vince. Can you do an article on Samsung S3 Mini? I'm not sure whether to get an iPhone 5 or S3 Mini. Thanks!!