Thursday, October 18, 2012

Worst headphones ever

Music is a must for me when I go for a run. When my Sony in-ear headphones (great performance but not made for sports) died on me after years of use, I bought this pair to replace them. Philips headphones, in my experience, have been okay in terms of sound quality, and they're cheap. Nothing to write home about really. Good enough if you need something in a pinch, and I just wasn't willing to pay upwards of five thousand for a pair of adidas/Sennheiser in-ear headphones (my first choice). Boy do I regret that decision.

Lousy fit

I got this pair, the Philips SHQ3000, because the earhook design seemed awfully smart. It wasn't. They won't stay on my ears. The buds always pop out when the hooks are attached.

Okay, so ears are really tricky. Maybe I just have weird ears. Even then, the bad fit doesn't end there. There are three sets of squidgy ear buds for small, medium and large ear-holes. The small ones are painful bullets. The large ones are giant uncomfortable lumps of soft rubber. The medium ones fall out. And the material is this awkward slippery rubber that causes the buds to slip out of your ears. Ugh.

Lousy sound

The sound that comes from these headphones is weak in every sense of the word. I place my iPod on full volume when running. I never had to do that with my old Sony earbuds.

Even at full volume, the sound that comes out is far from pleasing. Audio is lacklustre and dead. Just a tepid mess of music. Audiophiles appreciate "neutral" sound, but this isn't that. This is lifeless sound.

Bass is non-existent unless you push the headphones deep into your ear canal.

Broken in two months

I went for a run today and for a while I thought I had gone deaf in one ear. Turns out the left speaker on my headphones was dead.

After my run, I put the headphones under the sun and left them there all afternoon. Maybe some water had gotten in, I thought, and the sun will evaporate the water. True enough, after an afternoon in the sun, some sound was now coming out of the left speaker, but this was at maybe 50% of its original strength.

These sports headphones are advertised as "washable." But if water seepage is what's causing the problem, they can't even take a little sweat. It might be something else, but that doesn't make me feel better.

Third World Nerd Verdict

Sure these Philips headphones are cheap compared to those Sennheisers, but they're not that cheap either. P1,600 for lousy fit, lousy sound and shoddy quality is highway robbery.

Worst. Headphones. Ever. Do not buy. 


Anj said...

So, Vince what headphones would you recommend for running? We bought the same headphones for Lit during Father's Day and his broke too. I was very happy with my old Phillips headphones (don't know the model) - it was cheap pa! But they phased it out. :( I don't know what to buy now. Lit lent me his expensive headphones but i don't
Ike it. It's supposed to lock in, but it's weird. Help!

The Third World Nerd said...

For sound quality, I love Sennheisers, but I've never tried their sport line. If it were my money, I'd be willing to give it a try. Which is what I might do next actually.