Thursday, October 25, 2012

What Apple ads should say

The other night, I stayed up until 2 AM for a liveblog of the Apple event. And I realized at 1:30 AM that it really didn't matter what Tim Cook and Phil Schiller were saying. I mean, let's face it. Love Apple or hate 'em, they're going to sell millions of these things. They don't need sales talk anymore.


dementedchris said...

Do you think the mini will kill the iPad?

The Third World Nerd said...

In the short term, I think it will sell, but in the long term, I think Jobs was right. The iPad is almost 9.7 inches because that's about the size of A4 paper -- there's a real human need for that size. The iPad mini is 7.9 inches because that makes it cheaper. As iPad prices inevitably go down and smart phone screens get bigger, the iPad mini will get squished in the middle and probably disappear. That's my guess. Sorry, long answer.