Saturday, October 20, 2012

Project Blackintosh

I didn't come up with the name. Some other dudes at did. But it will be my next computer. 

What on earth is a blackintosh, you ask? It's a build-it-yourself Mac (hackintosh) made from off-the-shelf PC parts and capable of extreme gaming. And it's black.

My old MacBook is dying. A burning smell came out of it last week, so I maxed out the fan and hoped for the best. It's still alive, but I'm worried that it will conk out any day. Meanwhile, I recently became convinced that the next generation of gaming is already here, on the PC, and that I'm missing out on it. That left me with some strange computer desires...

My requirements for my next computer are all seemingly contradictory:
1. I want a Mac for my work and my photography.
2. I want a gaming PC.
3. I want a computer under $1,000, or P42,000.

Impossible, right? Guess what. My requirements are not contradictory at all. It's possible if I make a blackintosh.

My blackintosh will have the following key specs:
Pentium i5 3.4GHz
Ivy Bridge Motherboard
Nvidia GTX 660 Ti

And here's the black case, the Corsair Carbide 400R:

The doohickeys I mentioned above make it a mid- to high-end gaming rig. Much more powerful than a MacBook Pro, and even a Mac Pro (this spec beats the Mac Pro's video card but not its proc, but of course, you can always spend 4k more for a Pentium i7). With a fancy casing, large power for future upgrades, and 1TB or more, we're approaching P50,000, but if like me, you've got some spare parts, you just might make it under budget. Or you can scrimp on things like the casing, your hard drive and your RAM to make it under budget. It's your call.

I've spotted ALL the parts in PC Express, EXCEPT for the motherboard I need. Will go hunting some more.

Once the PC is together, all that's required is some tinkering, but it doesn't look too complicated to get Mac OS (and Windows) on there. The most common problems of hackintoshes seem to be sleep mode problems and Wi-Fi compatibility.

For more info on how to make a hackintosh or a blackintosh, check out the tonymacx86 project. Lifehacker has a great guide too. I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.

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