Friday, October 19, 2012

Next gen gaming is already here

The next generation of gaming has been delayed. Or has it?

The pic above is a screencap from Borderlands 2 running on PC. I'm starting to think next gen gaming is already here.

Sony says this console has a ten year lifespan. Which means the PS4, though undoubtedly in some level of development right now, is scheduled to come out in 2016.

Microsoft is mum about any successor to this console.

And Nintendo says this console is the next generation, though it sounds an awful like this generation plus tablet/mobile phone/casual gaming.

Some people will argue, that yeah, the next generation is already here and it's not better graphics, revolutionary gameplay, and a whole new level of storytelling. It looks like this:

Hmmm… While we're talking mobile, Nintendo will say next gen gaming looks three dimensional.

While Sony will say it looks like the child born from a threesome between a PSP, an iPad, and a dual shock controller.

If you're a gamer, next gen gaming means something else to you: More immersive worlds. Photo realistic graphics. Better storytelling. Superior controls. Smarter AI. Epic multiplayer.

I think next gen gaming is here already. It's an old friend called the PC.

This is Borderlands 2:

This is Borderlands 2 on PC. It looks like a different game.

This is Skyrim:

This is Skyrim on PC. My nephews were crazy about it, but not for the same reasons I was crazy about it. For them, it was all about the mods. Mods change everything.

This is a Steam interface designed for large TVs and for playing games on the couch:

This is a gaming PC that is like a console. It's small and powerful and you can't upgrade it much.

Next gen gaming? It's been here all along, slowly evolving while game consoles have stood still. Time to buy a gaming PC.

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