Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LCD vs LED: LCD wins! Whut?

This is our new humongous TV, the largest television I've ever lived with. Pure unadulterated happiness. Got it on sale from Abenson's, and the Sony sale should still be ongoing until the end of the month. Officially, on their online ad, Sony only has the 40-inch LED TV (and smaller) on sale, but depending on where you go to buy a TV, there might be other items for sale too, like this 46-inch LCD TV, which we got for a cash price of 40k with a free DVD player and sound system to sweeten the deal (retail price was 45k without the sweetener). 

I wouldn't say that's super cheap (second tier brands go for much cheaper) but for a big brand like Sony, this is superb value for money for a quality product. So anyway, yeah, the surprise winner between LED versus LCD is... a bigger LCD.

Yeah, I know. LCD is not exactly cutting edge stuff and the TV itself is really quite thick, unlike those LED beauties. And yes, I know all about the advantages of LED TVs when it comes to image quality and power consumption and bulb life. So if I had trusted my brain, I would have gone for the 40-inch LED instead of the 46-inch LCD because my living room isn't very big. 

I'm so glad I didn't listen to my brain.

For starters, 40k for 46 inches of TV is a great bargain. The price of TVs nowadays is basically 1k per inch for decent brand TVs, but for TVs larger than 42 inches, the price suddenly becomes crazy expensive. A 40-inch LED TV is around 45k, but a 46-inch LED TV is around 60k, for example. And a 46-inch LCD TV? Also 45k. 

I just love it when older technology becomes cheap. That's where the magic happens.

As for image quality, I stared at the two TVs for a long time and came up with the following conclusion. Yeah, image quality for LED is better. The LED TVs were just generally brighter, and the tighter/closer together pixels from the smaller LED TV had that Apple retina display effect where everything just looks so sharp. BUT – and this is a big BUT – the cheaper LCD TV put up a damn good fight. It was close enough that buying the smaller TV seemed like a terrible idea.

The thing is, when it comes to TVs, never underestimate the impact of size. I love turning the thing on and getting blinded by the huge picture. I love how it looks garish and middle-class-social-climber and nerdy sitting in our small living room. I love how I truly have that cinema experience everyone buys big TVs for. I love how playing games on a giant TV feels like living the dream.

Moral of the story? Size matters. Price matters. The latest and greatest isn't always the way to go. Sometimes less high tech stuff is the bomb.

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