Saturday, September 15, 2012

What Apple didn't announce

An alleged iPad mini leak photo

iPhone 5, iOS 6, new iPods, yadda yadda yadda… But wait. Aren't we missing something? The iPhone 5 is an amazing technological achievement, and Apple deserves the millions in sales that will surely come its way, but the iPhone 5 is also nothing new. Many were hoping for an announcement from Apple about something truly new and revolutionary. You know, the kind of magic they used to do. But we didn't get it.

To be specific about things, here's what we missed:

iPad mini

Let me make this clear first, I don't want an iPad mini. I think if you want a smaller tablet with you when you're on the go, you should just buy a larger smart phone. You know, something like an iPhone 5. That said, everyone and his uncle is making some sort of cheaper 7-inch tablet. Except for Apple.

If I were Apple, I would be very worried. Amazon and Google have finally released products that seriously challenge the iPad. And these products are much cheaper. Apple needs to answer this problem, not necessarily with an iPad mini, but with something, anything.

Apple TV

This is where Apple is uniquely positioned to change the world (again). They make large displays, they make computers, they sell movies and TV. Meanwhile, television, as it exists now, kinda sucks. It needs an overhaul. 

Apple should revolutionize television. It's a no-brainer. I'm sure they already know this, but still we get nothing…

Desktop Mac upgrades

Has Apple abandoned desktop Macs? They are in dire need of an upgrade. Everything is running on Ivy Bridge nowadays. Or is Apple just waiting for the iPhone 5 dust to settle? No love for desktop Macs? What's up with that?

Near Field Communications

They say that this tech, NFC, is the future. By bringing two NFC devices close to each other, they can communicate with each other for data exchange or whatever. Stuff like making pasa load, or sending your calling card, or adding someone to Facebook, or sending a photo, or buying a pair of jeans in a store. The possibilities are endless. Backing by Apple would have pushed this tech forward immensely, so there was lots of speculation that it would be part of the iPhone 5. But nope. They were wrong.

I guess I'll have to look for my revolution elsewhere. At least, cameras are looking good this year.

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