Sunday, September 2, 2012

Third World Nerd rides the Segway

I don't know why it took me so long to get on one of these, but now that I have, I'm crazy in love with the damn thing.

There was a time when they called the Segway the future of transportation. One day it would replace the automobile, they said. Since that time, it's proven to be not quite the car-killer we hoped for. Nevertheless, there's an important niche that the Segway occupies, providing transpo in places like resorts, malls, trails and for a variety of people from pedestrian cops to the outdoorsy to the elderly to rich environmentalists to nerds like Steve Wozniak. So some enterprising folks brought the Segway to the Philippines and gave bloggers and journalists a free test drive. That blogger was the wifey, and I tagged along for the, er, ride.

Check out Topaz Horizon for the wife's experience of the Segway.

The less you know about riding a Segway, the better. Because it's all intuitive. You step on it, and your sense of balance takes over. Lean forward to move forward, lean back to stop, you've heard it all before. What they don't tell you is how much fun this is. After riding one, you literally want to do this all day long.

If I could find a way to justify the price of one of these, I would snap one up. And though I do spend more than your usual amount of time around the neighborhood block, the sidewalks aren't designed for wheels and the neighborhood is downright hostile to pedestrians. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm optimistic about the future of the Segway. It's a green machine and it has the potential to make our lives better even if it's just in small ways. I'm still hoping it will change the world in a big way one day though.

This is the off-road version. Notice the big tires?

If you want to go for a spin on a Segway, there are Segway Circuits at Residence Inn in Tagaytay and Zoobic Safari in Subic. There'll also be circuits in Boracay and Enchanted Kingdom soon! Fun fun fun!

Meanwhile, if you're made of money, why not buy one? Simply Moving Philippines is the exclusive distributor of Segway and is found at Nissan Motor Philippines, 1232 UN Ave., Metro Manila, 1232 UN Avenue.

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