Friday, September 28, 2012

iPad Price Comparison UPDATE

I recently discovered a number of online stores selling iPads, and they're cheaper than retail. The first shop is iWidget, which is a Multiply site. You'll also find them on Facebook, plus on Facebook (where they are called Widget City) you can view their non-Apple inventory which includes Kindle Fire HDs and Nexus 7's. The other shop is One Stop Shop Gadgets, which I also found on Facebook. I was going to include Lazada on this list but for the moment, there are no iPads selling on the site. Looks like business is good in online retail. Prices after the jump.

I've never tried out these online stores, so any feedback would be welcome!

New iPad
               iWidget                      One Stop Shop Gadgets
16GB        21,490                       21,100 (black)/21,300(white)
32GB        24,990                       24,700 (black)/24,800(white)
64GB        29,990                       29,500 (black)/29,600(white)

Wi-Fi + Cellular
16GB        26,990                       26,100(black)/26,300(white)
32GB        29,990                       29,800(black)/29,900(white)
64GB        33,990                       34,000(black)/34,000(white)

iPad 2
               iWidget                       One Stop Shop Gadgets
16GB        17,490                        17,000
32GB        20,990                        20,600
64GB        22,990                        22,000(black)/23,000(white)

Wi-Fi + 3G 
16GB        23,490                        22,600(black)/22,800(white)
32GB        27,490                        27,200
64GB        27,990                        27,900

Prices as of 9/25/2012

For the full comparison with retail stores, click on the iPad Price Comparison mother list, which is updated as much as possible, but probably not as often as it should be.

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