Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Panasonic LX7 is amazing or disappointing?

Panasonic announced the successor to the popular LX5 the other day, the LX7. I'm pretty excited about this release because the LX5 is one of the best compact cameras that you can buy. Whenever someone would ask me what compact camera they should buy, I'd always answer with the LX5. And now it's getting updated!

The LX5 achieved its success by offering a relatively large 1/1.63" sensor in a compact body. What this meant is that it easily beat other compact cameras' image quality. It also offered a lens that went pretty wide and had great manual controls for a compact.

The LX7 improves upon the formula in some ways. The lens is now faster than ever, going from f/1.4 to f/2.3 max aperture at its longest. AND the LX7's HD video superpowers have been greatly improved. This is all amazing stuff.

It does this though with a sensor that isn't much larger. In fact, it's even a little smaller at 1/1.7". This flies in the face of fanboy expectations, especially with competitors releasing compact cameras with sensors that are getting larger and larger.

So are you amazed or disappointed? I, personally, approve of the LX7. If I wanted a large sensor, fixed lens camera, I'd get the Fuji X100. Duh.

Check out the full preview from dpreview.

Third World Nerd Prediction:
This looks to be a pretty amazing camera. It's caught between a rock and a hard place though. 

On one end, camera phones are getting better and better, eliminating the need for people to carry a compact camera with them. Have you noticed that everyone takes photos with their iPhone 4S nowadays? 

On the other end, compact cameras are sprouting larger sensors with better image quality like the Sony RX100, the Canon G1 X, as well as smaller Micro Four Thirds cameras like the E-PM1.

It's a tough time to be a compact camera. The LX7 looks like a great camera which won't find a place in many people's lives.

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