Friday, July 27, 2012

Mountain Lion Rant

They're calling it the operating system that Lion should have been. Reviews are saying that it fixes many of Lion's glaring issues. (Here's the mother of all Mountain Lion reviews from Ars Technica.) And if you haven't upgraded to Lion, Mountain Lion is a great time to experience the future that Apple is promising. Things like iCloud and Twitter integration. You know, things that were promised with Lion when it was released. 

What I want to know is this: Apple, why are you charging me $20 for something that you should have gotten right the first time around?

Forgive me for this rant. Rants are ugly, and I try to avoid it on this blog, but I think Apple really deserves an ass-kicking, or at least a few harsh words. Yes, I know. They're currently everyone's favorite tech company, and $8.8 billion in profit says they can do no wrong. But sometimes they do mess up. Lion was one of those times. Releasing Mountain Lion doesn't mean that all is forgiven. It just opens old wounds.

In case you've forgotten, allow me to refresh your memory. Lion was not good for many users. I wrote about my experience here. Lion stopped many third party apps from working. It was full of bugs. It made Apple look like… not Apple. I expect better things from them. 

Now everyone is all gaga googoo over Mountain Lion. Not me. I take offense that Apple is charging me money for an OS that Lion should have been, plus some new features that I really don't need. Notifications? Game Center integration? These are not must-have improvements.

$20 isn't a lot of money. And you know what? Mountain Lion isn't a lot of operating system either, despite the "200 new features". Let's face it. It's a service pack. Maybe I'll get it to fix the incomplete OS I have right now. Maybe I won't. It's not a big deal either way. Apple has patched Lion enough for it to be serviceable. As for Mountain Lion, I will wait and see and judge with skepticism. This time, I choose to stay firmly outside the Reality Distortion Field.

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