Monday, July 23, 2012

iPad Price Comparison

Thought I'd do an iPad price comparison like my MacBook price comparison and share it here. The other day, my iPad 1 one finally died. It might have been just old. It might have been because my toddler is very rough with the iPad. He stands on it and drags it on the floor before anyone can save the poor iPad. Mysteriously, quietly, the iPad died the other day. Tried my best to revive it, but nothing the forums said I should do actually worked. So now I'm looking for a new iPad to fill in the iPad-shaped hole in my life. It was time anyway. Here's an analysis of local retail prices (with Apple Store US prices thrown in).

Like the new MacBook prices, new iPad prices are tightly controlled. You won't find much variation in stores where they're available. 

As usual, it's cheaper to buy in the States because (I'm guessing!) of our tax structure. Of course, buying in the US, entails some sort of shipping and possibly customs fees, which the prices listed here don't reflect.

The older iPad 2 is still available in most stores. It's available at discount now that the iPad with retina display (simply known as the new iPad) is out. I will try to expand this list if I can find the time to visit stores while I'm out.

New iPad
                   Power Mac Center/iStudio/Apple Store PH       Apple Store US
16GB                                 23,990                                 $499 (PHP20,838)
32GB                                 28,990                                 $599 (PHP25,014)
64GB                                 33,990                                 $699 (PHP29,190)

Wi-Fi + Cellular
16GB                                 29,990                                 $629 (PHP26,267)
32GB                                 34,990                                 $729 (PHP30,443)
64GB                                 39,990                                 $829 (PHP34,619)

iPad 2
                iStudio/Apple Store PH              Globe
16GB                     18,990                       20,990 with Plan 999

Wi-Fi + 3G 
16GB                     24,990                       24,990 with Plan 999

Prices as of 7/20/2012
Don't freak out if I got anything wrong. Inform me kindly if I do. This price comparison is a labor of love. I get nothing out of it.

Here are prices from some online retailers, iWidget and One Stop Shop Gadgets.

New iPad
               iWidget                      One Stop Shop Gadgets
16GB        21,490                       21,100 (black)/21,300(white)
32GB        24,990                       24,700 (black)/24,800(white)
64GB        29,990                       29,500 (black)/29,600(white)

Wi-Fi + Cellular
16GB        26,990                       26,100(black)/26,300(white)
32GB        29,990                       29,800(black)/29,900(white)
64GB        33,990                       34,000(black)/34,000(white)

iPad 2
               iWidget                       One Stop Shop Gadgets
16GB        17,490                        17,000
32GB        20,990                        20,600
64GB        22,990                        22,000(black)/23,000(white)

Wi-Fi + 3G 
16GB        23,490                        22,600(black)/22,800(white)
32GB        27,490                        27,200
64GB        27,990                        27,900

Prices as of 9/25/2012

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