Monday, July 30, 2012

Hot camera price list and comparison

So many cameras, so many prices, and now finally a list with all of them together so you can compare to your heart's content.

I don't have the money to buy a camera right now. But I can dream. That's why I made this list of prices of recent hot releases in cameras. There's a lot!

I know, I know, it's cheaper in Hidalgo blah blah blah. This list is for people like me who will NEVER go back to Hidalgo, the most miserable place on planet Earth. Call me what you will, but it doesn't change the fact that I would pay money to not go back there. The prices are also competitive online, if I might add.

The local retail scene for cameras is a little weird because it mostly doesn't exist, unless you're talking about compact cameras, and those are widely available in department stores and appliance stores. Mid to high-end cameras are hard to find. When I did find an interesting camera, I jotted down the price. Plenty of holes in this list, but I'll be adding more prices as I find them, I hope.

                                 Amazon        Digital Walker     Kimstore       Canon Store
Olympus O-MD E-M5     $999 (body)   62,500 (kit)*       X                 X
                                 PHP41,938     50,000 if cash

Fuji X100                    $999             59,990               42,000           X

Fuji X-Pro1                 $1,318(body)  X                      74,000(body)  X

Canon EOS 7D            $1,529(body)   X                      X                  89,950 (body)
                               PHP64,156                                                  107,950 (18-135mm kit)
                                                                                               124,950 (15-85mm kit)

Canon EOS 5D Mark III $3,349 (body) X                       X                 169,998 (body)
                                PHP140,524                                                219,998 (kit)

Canon EOS 650D         $1,199 (kit)     X                      X                 41,998 (body)
                               PHP50,310                                                  46,998 (18-55mm kit)
                                                                                               60,998 (18-135mm kit)

Nikon D800                $2,999 (body)  X                      144,000(body) X

Nikon D3200              $699 (kit)        X                      30,700(body)   X
                               PHP29,330                               32,200 (kit)

Sony NEX-7               $1,199 (body)   59,999 (body)     58,400(body)   X
                               $1,349 (kit)      69,999 (kit)        63,500(kit)

Panasonic GF5            $599 (body)      X                     26,400(dual kit) X
                               PHP25,134                               25,800(X lens)

Panasonic GX1            $562 (kit)         X                     28,000(14mm)  X
                               PHP23,581                               30,700(dual kit)

*55,000 straight credit card payment

Prices as of July 27, 2012.

Amazon prices are a moving target. The listed prices will change according to supply and demand. Inaccuracies will appear over time, you can bet on it. I listed the best price I could find.

As usual, if you find any mistakes, please inform me kindly. This price list is a labor of love. I get nothing from it.

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