Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Apple MacBook price comparison

New MBP in the house!

It's time to upgrade our aging computers at home, so I made a little price comparison chart for major retail Apple resellers and other places where you can buy Apple MacBooks. Thought I'd share it with you guys. Full breakdown after the jump.

The most surprising thing is that Apple has managed to keep the price consistent in all the major resellers. This is something I've never seen before. I guess that's what you get when an Operations guy is the CEO of Apple. I'm impressed! Local retail is a mess, and Apple has established order. It sure makes my chart boring though...

MacBook Pro
                       Apple Store PH  PowerMac Center  iStudio     Digital Hub   Apple Store US
13" 2.5ghz         57,990             57,990                57,990      57,990        $1,199 (PHP50,130)
13" 2.9ghz         72,990             72,990                72,990      72,990        $1,499 (PHP62,673)
15" 2.3ghz         87,990             87,990                87,990      87,990        $1,799 (PHP75,216)
15" 2.6ghz         107,990           107,990              107,990  not available   $2,199 (PHP91,940)
15" retina 2.3ghz 107,990          107,990              107,990  not available   $2,199 (PHP91,940)
15" retina 2.6ghz 137,990          137,990              137,990  not available   $2,799 (PHP117,026)

MacBook Air
                       Apple Store PH Power Mac Center iStudio       Digital Hub  Apple Store US
11-inch 64GB     47,990             47,990               47,990        67,990*     $999 (PHP41,768)
*price quoted to me over the phone, but it sounds wrong. still confirming…
11-inch 128GB   52,990              52,990               52,990    not available  $1,099 (PHP45,949)
13-inch 128GB   57,990              57,990               57,990    not available  $1,199 (PHP50,130)
13-inch 256GB   72,990              72,990               72,990    not available  $1,499 (PHP62,673)

Prices as of July 6, 2012
Exchange rate: US$1 = PHP41.81
All prices in Philippine pesos except when stated otherwise
If you have any prices to add or comments to make, please help me add to or revise this chart. This is just a labor of love, and I get nothing for it.

0% installment for 6 months
5% discount for cash

Power Mac Center
0% installment for 3 months or 6 months

Digital Hub
0% installment 6 months
around 5% discount for cash

Third World Nerd recommendation
If cashflow isn't a problem for you, pay in cash. They'll usually give you a 5-10% discount. (This discount is never publicized.) Otherwise, get the longest installment plan you can find, which, right now, is 6 months. Price is the same, so you might as well pay later rather than sooner.

Consumer electronics is always at least 10% more expensive here if you're buying from official (tax-paying, non-smuggling) channels. So the US Apple Store + balikbayan box trade is always an efficient way to get your MacBook for cheaper, especially since technically you don't have to pay for shipping. That cost is absorbed by your relative/friend. Also doesn't include customs fees, which are notoriously random and exorbitant. The 1-year warranty is international, so you don't have to worry about that. A strong peso will work in your advantage too, so watch the currency exchange rates. Don't forget to show your appreciation to the bearer of your MacBook. A generous gift would be nice!

Finally, the MacBooks seem to be in short supply for now (July 6). Digital Hub doesn't have all models. PowerMac Center will put you on a queue if you're serious about buying but not yet ready to pull the trigger.


Fina said...

do you know how much is the shipping fee through johnny air? tnx!

The Third World Nerd said...

Johnny Air charges by volume now. Don't know the exact rates. Try contacting: Analyn Diego,

BUT you should know that Apple in the US will not ship to Johnny Air. I tried that when I bought an iPad before, and they refused to deliver. I think they're on to us.

One solution is to deliver your Mac to a friend, and have that friend bring it to Johnny Air or a similar service.

carlos said...

If you're open to considering the previous MBP models, LMK is selling brand new units at pretty good deals of below 70k for a 15" model. Look for them on Facebook.

If you want another option to Johnny Air, try "USA 2 MNL" on Facebook, too. They send boxes to the Philippines twice a month and it takes around 30 days to get to Manila.