Thursday, June 28, 2012

iTunes Music and Movies now in the Philippines

I've been waiting for this day to arrive for years: music and movies can now be purchased from the iTunes Philippines store. My first purchase? The Eraserheads reunion concert album. I wanted to go to that concert but I missed it. Now I can pretend I was actually there, hahaha.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Camera Sale: Plaubel Makina 67

They used to make some pretty great cameras back in the days of film, and this camera, the Plaubel Makina 67, is one of them. Leicas and lomos may be the film cameras that have a strong following in these days, but there were a whole bunch of lesser remembered cameras that are in many ways greater. The Plaubel Makina is no mere film camera -- it's a medium format camera (takes 6x7 photos with120mm) that they somehow managed to squeeze into a compact body and add a fast Nikon lens in front, an 80mm Nikkor f/2.8. It's considered by some to be the most advanced medium format camera ever made.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Look what your Android phone can do

Retro gaming. Media streaming. Oh wow. I think I've just been converted.

Like half the planet, I have an iPhone. I quite like the thing. I can't imagine using any other phone (and by any other phone, that means Android, the only real alternative for me). Lately my iPhone has been getting long in the tooth, and I'm dreading/looking forward to the day when Apple will announce the iPhone 5, and I will give Apple my money, and thank them for making me so much poorer. It's inevitable.

Today I read this article from Lifehacker which explains how to turn your Android phone into a media streamer which you can connect to your TV (via HDMI). It also explains how to turn said Android phone into a retro gaming console -- SNES, N64, PlayStation -- which works with a real gaming controller like my PS3's SixAxis. As far as I know, much of this is not possible on the iPhone without jailbreak (especially the emulator bits), though it must be said that parts of this setup require you to root your Android phone. Also, it's probably not impossible on the iPhone if you try hard enough.

Nonetheless, I am floored. And if someone can point me to a cheap Android phone that supports all of this, I'll happily say goodbye to my iPhone.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Panasonic GF3 Preview

Recently, Amazon placed the Panasonic GF3 with 14mm f/2.5 lens on sale, selling the bundle for $314. I jumped at it because my wife was asking for a camera while I wanted the wide-angle lens. She wanted a camera like mine (an Olympus E-P3) but smaller. She's developed quite an eye for image quality since I upgraded to the micro four thirds system, often complaining about "not sharp/blurry" photos on Facebook. But she also can't be bothered to learn the finer points of photography, placing my camera on automatic whenever she borrows it. The GF3 sounded perfect for her.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What did I miss?

I've been gone from the blogging world for weeks now. Now I'm back. My mailbox was full of press releases. I discovered that the gadget world has advanced by a few light years in my absence. The Avengers saved the world. Diablo III launched. I missed it all.

Blame this guy, my second son, IƱigo, who was born on May 11.

So what did we miss?