Monday, April 30, 2012

Pimp out my camera

My camera is now decked out in a Gordy's camera strap and a new lens hood for my Panasonic 20mm. This stuff is like candy for photographers. It's relatively cheap, has no nutritional value (no improvement in image quality), but it's fun and tasty.

The Gordy's camera strap in particular is a revelation. I wasn't expecting much, truth be told. I didn't think it would be that comfortable, but it turns out I was wrong. This camera strap is super duper comfortable. I like it that there are no jangly bits. The design is as simple as can be. I got a couple of O-ring "bumpers" just in case, and that also turned out to be a sound decision because with these bumpers there's no metal to metal contact between the strap and the camera. That makes the whole package stealthy, comfy and oh-so-good-looking. 

Gordy's Camera Straps delivers worldwide. I had mine shipped via surface mail through the post office and the local post only charged me the standard fee, which is P40. I'm starting to love the Mandaluyong Post Office.

As for the lens hood, I don't find lens flare to be much of a problem with the Panasonic 20mm, but I saw the lens hood on ebay and it was just $9 with free shipping, so I thought what the heck. It's not a Panasonic lens hood, just an unbranded Chinese knockoff, but still... purty, ain't it?

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