Monday, April 30, 2012

Pimp out my camera

My camera is now decked out in a Gordy's camera strap and a new lens hood for my Panasonic 20mm. This stuff is like candy for photographers. It's relatively cheap, has no nutritional value (no improvement in image quality), but it's fun and tasty.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Do Macro Photography on the Cheap

I've always wanted to do macro photography, but a macro lens is pretty far down my list of priorities. I stumbled upon a cheap way of doing it. All you need are these things called macro extension tubes. I got mine for $15 on Amazon. You can also find them for $10 to $20 on ebay. (I went for the "branded" Fotodiox ones, but they're really just tubes, so it shouldn't make any difference.) 

The results? It literally works with any lens, and it opens up new photographic horizons. Macro extension tubes do, however, have limitations. They're best used with manual lenses and you'd best know what you're doing in the oftentimes dark world of macro photography. For less than P500 though, you really can't go wrong. It sure beats spending $800 on a macro lens.