Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Book Live Duo Unboxing

I give you the unboxing of the Western Digital My Book Live Duo, or more accurately, Your Cloud. Think of it as your little corner of the Internet with all your stuff in it (4TB out of the box), accessible to you wherever you are, from your iPad, your smart phone or your co-worker's computer. 

Speaking of the iPad...yeah, the iPad 3 launched last week and I slept through it. Believe me, I am as excited as the next nerd when it comes to iPads. My iPad is still the first one, and it's due for a replacement. The screen of the iPad 3 looks incredible, and it's always good to see a faster processor under the hood. But forgive me for not wetting my pants like a fanboy. I still want one I guess even though the iPad 3 does the same stuff as my iPad 1 (with the exception of some games and the cameras of course). Zzzz…

Through the years, I've found that the iPad is a great device for consuming content. Surfing, watching TV, reading books and comics, wasting time with games -- that's where the iPad excels. Now partner the iPad with this My Book Live Duo thing and it starts to get really interesting. You can now put 4TB of your own stuff in the Cloud ready for streaming anywhere. Now that gets me excited. It's very geeky. But very exciting.

Review coming up... Enjoy the unboxing...

You can swap out the drives inside. Me likey.

Pardon the mess!

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