Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Five Hot Things in the Nerd World Today

Here's a Frankenstein post about, well, everything that's raising my pulse in the nerd world today and a couple of things that are making me reach for my wallet.

Three down...

Walking Dead Season Finale (spoiler alert!)

That was really some finale there. Two major characters dying, the "fellowship" falling apart, and the introduction of an awesome sword-wielding character who looks like she belongs more in the comics than on TV. I love it!

Time to buy a new iPad

I'm simultaneously disappointed and gobsmacked by the new iPad (not called the iPad 3). I'm disappointed because it's not that much better than the iPad 2 in terms of speed and functionality. I'm gobsmacked by the new screen. Looks like it's time to buy a new iPad, even if that time is more later rather than sooner.

Thunderbolt strikes

Soon a new Mac will be in the house, so when I caught wind of an external hard drive (I'm addicted to the things) with Thunderbolt -- the Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo -- well, I was mighty interested. I like the idea of Thunderbolt, but I've always been wondering when the gizmos with Thunderbolt would actually arrive. Waiting's over, Mac addicts! Hit this link to read more about it. MSRP is Php 26,190 for 4 TB and Php 30,500 for 6 TB.

The Olympus E-M5 is the real deal?

I was hesitantly optimistic about the E-M5 being the Holy Grail of Micro Four Thirds cameras: a compact and fast shooter with sharp lenses and low-light capabilities that could challenge humongo-SLRs. The reviews have been steadily coming out and the mighty dpreview.com has released some tests from their labs. The verdict so far? Looks like it's the real deal. Low-light performance is indeed vastly improved. Time to sell a kidney.

Angry Birds Space

I just downloaded this yesterday and played the first 20 or so levels today. Now I've never been a fan of Angry Birds, but Angry Birds Space has changed my mind. I whined a little about the $2.99 price for the "HD" version, and I'll have to pay again if I want this game for my iPhone, but so far, boy has it been worth it. Review coming up!

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