Monday, February 13, 2012

PS Vita Spotting

This may or may not have been available for a while now. I don't get out much these days. But I got excited like a twelve-year-old girl to find Sony's new handheld, the PlayStation Vita available here (and look! there's Uncharted Golden Abyss too!), at Datablitz, Power Plant, a full two to three days before the US launch. I didn't get a closer look, but it's probably a Japanese import. In retrospect, I should have asked for the price, but I was too scared that I would buy it on the spot so I didn't dare to go in. I always come out of that shop significantly poorer and the salesgirls know me by name.

UPDATE: It looks like the Vita is everywhere now. Well, at least in Greenhills. Here's a pic of a couple of Vitas in Astrovision, Virra Mall:

This one is selling for P24,499. Comes with Uncharted.

This one is selling for P19,999. Must be the Wi-Fi only version.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

wah! dumadami na PS Vita. I'm dying to play uncharted sa PS Vita. hahaha. Ipon muna pambili. teehee. :D

The Third World Nerd said...

ako rin. ipon muna. price will go down. so hard to wait!