Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mirrorless cameras are getting weirder

Look at these two freshly launched weirdzos. Mirrorless cameras are really hot right now, and getting more and more bizarre.

Pentax K-01

The first is the Pentax K-01 (pictured above). It's basically Pentax's K-5 DSLR minus the mirror then stuffed inside an unconventional camera body (it also has the same K mount). That's as nice as I could put it. I really really want to see Pentax succeed. When I was a kid, Pentax and Nikon cameras were the bomb, and together they've produced some of the most memorable pictures in history. I'd much sooner forget about the K-01's camera body, and if it produces stellar photos, I won't complain. Let's distract ourselves from that fugly camera. Look! That pancake lens looks really skinny!

Ricoh A16 module

Ricoh's GXR camera is weird enough already. Instead of buying interchangeable lenses, you buy entire "modules" that include a lens and sensor that are matched to each other. So you're buying a new sensor with every lens. Crazy. Not the most practical solution, but this system has created some very special modules in the past. To further the confusion, Ricoh has announced a new module, the A16, which has an APS-C sensor attached to a 24-85mm (equivalent) f/3.5-5.5 zoom lens.

If you can get over the Bizarro planet styling and concepts behind these products, both cameras are promising to deliver the holy grail: small camera, super high quality pictures. We'll see soon!

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