Thursday, January 19, 2012

The fight against SOPA: SOPA so good!

Unlike the rest of the more enlightened parts of the Internet, I didn't blackout my site the other day like Wikipedia. I would have (really!) except I haven't updated my blog in a while, so a blackout for me is, well, business as usual. But I am back now and posting. Before going back to regular programming, though, a word on SOPA:

Fight it, netizens, fight it.
SOPA is a proposed US Bill, but it has ramifications for the entire world. It is supposedly against piracy and all that, but disturbingly, it treads on our freedom by giving the US government the right to kill a site without due process. If you love the Internet, don't let SOPA happen.

I am a writer, a blogger, and a former journalist, so one might assume that anti-piracy measures would work in my favor. That's not the case. I do believe that the new Internet economy is disruptive and artists, publishers, musicians have paid a high price in the creation of this new world. But legislation -- especially legislation like this -- isn't the answer. 

The good news is that the widespread blackout from Wikipedia and other sites seem to have stopped SOPA dead in its tracks. The fight isn't over though.

Join Google's petition here.

Or blackout your site like Wikipedia.

Or just watch this cute video, The Day the LOLcats Died.


i are christian said...

SOPA and PIPA might be "dead" but ACTA is worse than those two.

The Third World Nerd said...

Hmm... Maybe, but at least we know that if we organize ourselves, we can be heard, we can make a difference, stick it to the man, and all of that