Friday, October 14, 2011

My Sony Christmas Wish List

You know what? Sony could have been Apple. It had the Walkman, the Trinitron, and the PlayStation -- three reasons why I'm probably on the fanboy side of the fence. (They also show my age.) Later on, Sony would have the VAIO, the Bravia, and Sony Ericsson phones. With such hugely successful brands, Sony could have been bigger than Apple. Things didn't turn out that way, which is just too bad. Even then, Sony has been on something of a roll lately with the PS3, Bravia TVs, and NEX cameras.

Just the other day, Sony launched its lineup for the Christmas season. I'd seen most of this stuff in one way or the other, but it was pretty impressive seeing it all together in one place. There was a lot of good stuff there. Here are my picks:
The NEX-5N is amazingly small and thin in real life.

Sony NEX-5N
I'm a HUGE fan of Olympus mirrorless cameras, and I love my E-P3, but Sony's mirrorless NEX system has the one thing that I'm envious of: a big sensor. The latest and most muscular NEX, the 5N, is famed for its APS-C size sensor. How it all fits in that tiny body is a mystery to me.

Those lenses are pretty big by micro four thirds standards though. The kit lens is mighty chunky.

Got eyes-on with that famous OLED viewfinder too. And yes, it's everything it's supposed to be. This is indeed one of the best electronic viewfinders. Ever.

No idea on when the "professional" NEX-7, which Steve Huff is currently testing, is dropping. 

The wifey with one humongous TV

Sony Bravia 3D TV
Uncharted 3 is coming to the PS3 this November 1, and it supports 3D. Do you need another reason to buy a 3D TV?

The wifey refuses to approve this purchase though because she wisely figured out on her own that 3D movies suck, unless they're Avatar, just like this one (Clash of the Titans). It's for the games, I tell her, but alas, she doesn't play.

An upgrade from my old Bravia is about due though. That LED 42-inch is looking delicious and affordable too.

VAIO S Series
The pink E series VAIO, which starts at 30K.

The VAIO Y Series -- laptop at a netbook price, P26,999.

A VAIO in the 30-40K ballpark? Woah. Sony's getting mighty aggressive on the price here.

Everything PS3
I won't bore you with the PS3 games that I want to buy by Christmas. The list is as long as my arm, but the highlights include Batman Arkham City, Uncharted 3, and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. 

Seriously considering getting a Move and gun combo. This lame gun game worked surprisingly well. I don't know why they were using this for the demo when Killzone 3 works with Move. Hmm... another game to get...

The Sony folks were also telling us that there's a big sale coming up soon at the Megatent along Meralco Avenue. Early Christmas shopping here we come!

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