Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adidas x Star Wars for baby nerds

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the Adidas x Star Wars collection. The Force is strong with these kicks. Since then, I've seen some of the Star Wars shoes from a previous collection in Adidas' Power Plant store. To my regret, I don't think a 37-year-old can pull off those designs with any pride (which is strange because it's precisely this age demographic that is rabid about Star Wars). Imagine my joy then when I came across a pair of Adidas x Star Wars shoes for my one-year-old son at Jump in High Street. And the design was Boba Fett. Winner.

First, here goes an unboxing...

That's Boba Fett right there, all posterized and beyond cool.

It also says Boba Fett at the back.

Star Wars logo on the inside. Also on the tips of the shoelaces.

The pair also comes with alternative yellow shoelaces. I prefer the black, but the yellow ones are awesome too.

And here's my boy wearing the shoes in the playground. It's a shame these will only fit him for a few months!

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