Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smart Rocket Speed Test at Globe, Hehehe

I got my hands on Rocket -- Smart's fancy new wireless Internet thing capable of 12mbps speeds. Let's not waste any time and show you a speed test. And what better place to do a speed test than Globe's headquarters here in Pioneer?

Disclaimer: there is no HSPA cell tower in this area. The nearest one is near Megamall (also elsewhere in Mandaluyong). I managed to get an HSPA+ signal anyway. 

Not exactly "4G speeds" but I could live with this. Mind you, there was only one spot in my test area where I could get HSPA+ signal. Elsewhere, the signal dropped significantly or disappeared altogether.

While I'm on the topic, Globe itself actually has little to zero signal in its own building. I haven't had a single decent phone call since I moved here! This, my friends, is called "irony," which in the words of Alanis Morrissette is "like rain on your wedding day."

Anyway, back to Smart Rocket… I got 2mbps, which is far from the 12mbps advertised. As I've said before, it is normal to get speeds below the advertised speed, though you can expect better speeds from areas that actually have HSPA nearby. For a full list of those areas, click on the link.

Just for contrast, my 2mbps Globe DSL is actually this fast:

And here's a speed test of the Rocket in San Juan.

Full review of the Smart Rocket coming up soon! Stay tuned.

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The Reluctant Stylista said...

I live in Globe Tower myself (Pioneer), and even Globe connection sucks here. xD