Monday, September 12, 2011

Olympus E-P3 gets RAW support

All my photographer friends swear by RAW files. "Shoot in RAW!" they all tell me. I never saw the point before. I used to be pretty happy with the JPEG output of my camera, and to be fair, my old Olympus E-PL1 really turned out great JPEGs. But because of these photographer friends of mine, I kept dabbling in RAW and playing around with the files in Aperture until I got converted. Now I shoot in RAW most of the time. There's really just so much more detail and dynamic range that you get from RAW. If you have the time to mess around in Aperture or Adobe Lightroom, you can make a "Art" like the photo above.

Now I have a new camera and I was expecting to wait months and months for RAW support, but it turns out I didn't have to wait for long. Adobe Lightroom supported RAW files from the Olympus E-P3 first. Then Aperture 3 followed. I've got some samples. Click on the photos to make 'em big!

OMG, a cat in a tree! Got some shots off, but they weren't perfect. The cat's fur is a detail-less blob of white. There's purple fringing in the glare of the light through the trees.

Recovered detail from the cat's fur. Removed purple fringing as much as I could. It was also much darker under that tree than the camera's exposure. Brought out the blue in the cat's eyes too.

Blew out the whites in the flower this time. What is wrong with me?

Problem solved. Pushed the yellow in the flower too. Absolutely loving the rich colors.

Another cat. But this time the cat is nice and sharp (and also suspicious of me). Didn't actually do much to this photo. The sky couldn't be saved, but there was still plenty of detail in the shadows of the column that the cat was on.

Papa, ice cream? The focus is actually on the handlebars, and my depth of field is shallow, so Vito is slightly out of focus. Maximized sharpening here. 

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Jam Santos said...

i rarely shoot in raw coz the photos take a lot of space. =P but i love how my landscape photos turned out when i shot in raw during my trip to ifugao. oh and i use aperture too. it's just so easy to use! :)