Monday, September 26, 2011

Industar-22 on Olympus E-P3

Lookee what arrived in the mail today!

The package is from Latvia. It really is a small world.

It's a lens!

The Cyrillic characters translate to Industar-22. 

This time with the logo in focus.

And here's the Industar-22 with the M39 to Micro Four Thirds adaptor.

This a lens I got from ebay for a mere $30. It's a Russian Industar-22, a lens made for FED Zorki rangefinder cameras back during the Cold War. It looks like a Leica Elmar, but in truth, it's a copy of the Zeiss Tessar. It's a 50mm f/3.5 lens.

And on the Olympus E-P3 it looks like this. To die for! I'll admit I bought it for the looks. Hahaha!

Looks even better without the grip!

The lens is designed to be collapsible on FED cameras, but it looks like it will touch the sensor or something. One forum says that won't happen, but I'm not risking it, sorry folks.

Image quality is supposed to be impressive if the lens is adjusted properly. With my Hong Kong-made M39 adaptor, I somehow doubt that it is adjusted properly, BUT I'm liking the results so far. Here are a few samples.


carlos said...


I wasn't aware that you could take the grip off the E-P3. This lens looks soo funky. How does it work under low light conditions?

What happened to your E-PL1?

The Third World Nerd said...

More pics coming up. Hopefully when the sun comes out! It's not so great in low light.

Had to sell the E-PL1 to raise the funds for the E-P3. Worth it so far.