Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sony NEX-7: it's a pro!

Okay, this mirrorless camera battle is really heating up. In one corner you have the Olympus E-P3 (which I just bought) with lightning fast autofocus. In the other corner you have this 24-megapixel beast from Sony, the NEX-7. Unlike the E-P3, the NEX-7 is touted as a pro camera, and who else needs 24 bloody megapixels in an APS-C sensor? Tiny size, mirrorless design, metal body, one brute of a sensor, this is one interesting camera…

Before anything, hit this link to read about the NEX-7 from dpreview. Also, Steve Huff has a great feature on it here.

I've obviously made my decision as to which camera I'm behind, but I must say I'm really intrigued by the relatively large (compared to micro four thirds) sensor that the NEX-7 has. On paper, Sony could really be a powerhouse camera company. They excel at sexy design (just look at the thing!). They bought Minolta and all the optical genius in that company. They have a partnership with Zeiss. They have a winner of a system in the NEX system.

On the other hand, the NEX lenses are huge, nullifying the advantage of the small body, and there aren't that many good lenses yet. In time, no doubt, Sony will make some winners (Zeiss lenses, please, oktnxbye). But right now? Your choices are slim. Meanwhile, the ranks of good or great micro four thirds lenses seems to be swelling daily. Tiny minimalist design means not very many buttons (I like buttons, thank you very much). And finally, the NEX-7 costs a couple of hundred dollars MORE than the Olympus E-P3 for the body only. Hey, it's a pro camera, remember?

I am intrigued by the NEX-7 but reassured that the Olympus E-P3 is the camera for me. If the APS-C sensor is really that important to you, the NEX-7 will be a tempting alternative. Then again, you could always go for the excellent Fuji X100. See? I told you this mirrorless battle is heating up.

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