Friday, August 19, 2011

Lexdray bags

While we're on the topic of bags (I wrote about my new camera bag the other day), I stumbled across this press release from Lexdray. At first glance, these bags looked to me like sensible, conservative bags. Upon deeper inspection, I noticed the dearth of pockets in each bag. And like any good nerd, I love pockets. I go absolutely gaga about them. Bonkers. Mental.

Each pocket in Lexdray's bags is said to have a purpose in mind. I like that kind of thinking.
Tokyo Pack. You know you're turning Japanese when it's all about the little details. I mean, there are three pockets for ballpens! That's
The Stockholm Brief, as I'm guessing from the name, is a more business-minded kind of bag. I wish I had one of these when I still worked in magazines.

The Tahoe Duffel can go from office to mountaintop retreat in 4.5 seconds. It's a gym bag/duffel bag AND it's a backpack. How cool is that?
In case you're wondering, it says Lexdray bags are available in Rustan's. Nerd out.

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