Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's promo time!

I love promos. Most people are jaded by promos, thinking that a) these things are rigged or b) they don't have a chance of winning. As someone who used to work in advertising, I can tell you they're mostly not rigged. And I'll let you in on a secret: some promos give you a better chance of winning than others. Which ones? Hit the read more button…

Alright, it has to be said that most promos go after the numbers. You know the drill: raffle ticket for every P100 of groceries blah blah blah. These promos are much like the lotto. Everyone buys groceries, so you're up against A LOT of other raffle tickets. Abandon all hope.

Then there are raffles that require you to purchase something expensive, like this promo from Sony, the Great VAIO S-cape. They're giving away a free ticket to Hollywood to one lucky VAIO buyer. 

I'll tell you now, the odds here are pretty good because you're not up against the whole barangay. All you need to do is email your photo with your new VAIO. Of course, you have to buy a new laptop, but I'm just saying your chances of winning in promos like this aren't too shabby.

The other kind of promo you should look out for are the ones that ask you for creative participation – take a photo, write an essay, make a video (especially make a video), etc. If you're artistic, you can make a killing. Take this promo – again from Sony – for example. You need to head on over to Facebook, like the "Like Creativity" promo then upload some photos. They're giving away a bunch of Sony stuff here.

Promos like this are really quality over quantity, rewarding fans who will spend time to make something instead of raffling something off to the masses.

If I catch wind of more promos, I'll be posting them here!

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