Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bladeless Fans from Cash Cash Pinoy

Ever since Dyson designed and released their bladeless fan, I've always wanted one. Never thought I'd actually be able to buy one because Dyson notoriously overprices. Alright alright, they deserve every penny for their revolutionary designs, but the third world nerd in me will never spend that much money (around $200) for a desk fan. Thank God for the group buying site, Cash Cash Pinoy, then. They have a promo today that gives you 34% savings on a P4,990 bladeless fan. Do the math: that's just P3,298. Okay, it's not a Dyson, but it works on the same principle. It even has similar colors. I've actually seen this model in action at Cash Cash Pinoy's offices, and the bladeless fan is a thing of beauty. Offer expires in around ten hours. Hit the link!



~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have been tempted to click the buy button when i saw this!
i first saw bladeless fan when my friend sold a couple of dysons pero napa-WHOA! ako sa presyo!

i'm still not sure if will be buying this but the novelty of owning something trendy & new is very overwhelming...
here's to hoping hindi ako mapapabili...hahaha

if ever you buy it, do tell us if it's durable ha

The Third World Nerd said...

yes we got one!

will review it one day...

Mac Mac said...

I was in awe and fell in love with the Dyson when I saw one at my brother's house when I visited him in Sydney last year. Unique design talaga! Sabi ko pa nga, I bet chinese people will copy this technology and hindi ako nagkamali! Mga $300++ dollars ata sa Sydney at same lng sa HK. My little girl enjoyed putting her hand sa middle pa nga. Hehe But short range lng ata yung hangin nya dba?

How's the bladeless fan you bought?

The Third World Nerd said...

Mac Mac, so far it's working like a charm! It's not a Dyson, but it works like promised. The wind that comes out isn't super strong, but it's strong enough. They're selling in SM if you want to take a look. :)

Mac Mac said...

Oh! eBay couponan right now is selling it for P2495!